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Pakistan's most trusted website for caller ID and spam alert services.We are the trusted choice for many in Pakistan for identifying unknown numbers.

Community-based spam reporting

Everyone has the power to help protect against online threats by reporting spam and suspicious activity.

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We regularly collect and update our database on a monthly basis to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

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Report spam or suspicious activity to protect against online threats and help maintain the integrity of the internet.


Trustworthy communication with Truecaller.

Truecaller is a website that allows users to identify unknown numbers, block unwanted calls, and search for contact information. It can also be used to identify spam calls and texts, helping to protect users from unwanted communication. The website uses a community-driven approach, allowing users to report spam and suspicious activity, which is then used to update the Truecaller database and improve the website's spam detection capabilities.

Caller ID

Identify incoming calls from unknown numbers

Spam Detecting

Detect spammer sim numbers

CNIC Information

Beside caller id track sim information

No worry check sim database with

CNIC Information

True caller is now have CNIC Information

CNIC information feature allows users to use a CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) information tool to check various information associated with a CNIC. This may include the name of the individual, their tehsil (administrative division in Pakistan), the ID card number, the district they are located in, and their address. This feature can be useful for individuals who want to verify the accuracy of their own CNIC information, or for others who need to verify the identity of someone else. It may also be used for security or fraud prevention purposes, as the CNIC is a commonly used form of identification in Pakistan.

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A live tracker SIM database is a database that contains information about SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Modules) that are currently in use on mobile phones. This information may include the phone number, the name of the service provider, and the location of the device.