Pak Sim Data | Find Sim Database for All Networks 2023

Are you upset because someone is bothering your wife, sister, or you? or maybe your are looking for best tool to track sim owner details only by mobile number of all network.

Don’t worry i have a solution for you. is collecting sim information data since 2009. We have a large database of Pakistani sim information. According to our 2022 report we have over 300 million sim database of Pakistan. So you don’t need to worry about it we can guarantee you that after completing this article you will be able to track any network weather its Jazz, Zong, Warid, Ufone or Telenor database.

How TrueCaller collected sim database?

We have many data scientists teams working day & night collecting sim information from the various websites such as Twitter, OLX, Facebook, Whatsapp. TrueCaller, LinkedIn, Instagram & many other forums. As i told you we are collecting sim information since 2009 that’s why we gathered large amount of database. Then you might ask why are you giving this information to me the answer is we think everyone should have right to know who exactly is calling him/her. I remembered many people such as scammers call people and scam them but truecaller save many peoples money & time. Now a days people just goto truecaller enter the number & they get the desire information such as sim name, cnic info, other mobile numbers, sim address & many more.

How to use LiveTracker?

Don’t get confused by the name Livetracker. Our number location information tool name is livetracker where you just input mobile number then we do the rest. To check Pak sim data first goto truecaller sim database page where you will see the box just paste the mobile number such as 303**34567 as shown in the image below How To Check Sim Database
Screenshot from

After that just click on search button then true caller live tracker will search millions of records for your entered sim number in sim database. Thereupon if everything goes according to plan then you will see the result as shown in the screenshot below. sim database result

Here you can see we got the result its like a magic we knew nothing about the mobile number but with livetracker we got several details about the mobile number in sim database such as:

  • CNIC Information
  • Phone Number Lookup
  • Name Lookup
  • Address Lookup

Now we have more room to play with for example if you want to know other mobile number of the sim owner you can easily track them. Just copy the CNIC then goto ID card information paste the CNIC. Now you will be able to know the other details of id card like other mobile numbers from sim database , all addresses & more.

How to Track Number Location in Pakistan?

Remember in the previous step we digged sim number information from just the mobile number & we got mobile number CNIC & address. Now in this step we will use that address to track user exact location. Just copy address into your clipboard. Then goto TrueCaller sim tracker option afterwards paste the address here. Straightaway click on search button now LiveTracker will process the address and it will give you longitude & latitude. Next paste these longitude & latitude into Google Maps & you will be able to see user exact location as shown in the screenshot below.

LiveTracker live location checker
Screenshot from GoogleMaps

TrueCaller Alternatives

If you are still not satisfied by the results then its our responsibility to give you some truecaller alternatives. Some of the true caller alternatives are listed down below:

Don’t get confused by our live tracker tool & they are totally different. is also another amazing website for reverse phone lookup. Beside phone lookup they have another features such as license information, domicile information, CNIC information & also everyone favourite sim lookup.

  • Sim Database
  • CNIC Information
  • License Information
  • Outdated Database
  • Laggy Occurrence

LiveFinder is yet another website to check pak sim data. it’s a great website when its come to check all information at once. They have super lookup tool which can gathered all the information related to CNIC like CNIC Info, License Info & All registered mobile numbers like jazz, zong, warid, ufone & telenor mobile numbers. If you need all information at once then you can use livefinder. Overall its a great tool

  • Pak Sim Data
  • Domicile Database
  • License Database
  • Domicile Database
  • Super Lookup
  • Electricity Bill Viewer
  • Android Application
  • Slow Search in Super Lookup

Don’t get confused by because its a totally different website then is the world leading caller id website. Beside website has app on Google Playstore which has over 1 billion downloads. If you just need caller name or sometime email then is the best website/app that i can recommend to you. They have huge database of different countries including Pakistan.

  • Huge Database
  • Android Application
  • Better Customer Support
  • All Countries Sim Lookup
  • Up-to Date Database
  • Ban in Pakistan
  • Less Details
  • CNIC Info
  • License Verification
  • Domicile Verification

PakData CF or ML

With the Pak CF tracker, you have the ability to remotely monitor your mobile phone from any location around the world. This app provides you with comprehensive information about your mobile network, including signal strength and data usage.

The tracking system is straightforward and user-friendly. It allows you to access personal information about the phone’s owner and locate the device itself, even if it is moved to a different location. Simply use the monitoring software to find your phone with ease.

Wrapping Up

Overall in the layman terms i would say if you are looking to track pakdata cf or pakdata ml then this article is best for you. I researched a lot about the topic then explain everything to you. With Truecaller caller id you can easily check sim information.

If you want to try SimDatabase feature click on search below

Hope this article can help you. Thanks have a good day

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